Yellow Dress


I put on my yellow dress and my favorite earrings. Sometimes a girl just needs to wear a cheery yellow dress to make herself believe her heart feels the same. Sometimes a girl just needs to walk into her therapist office ready to battle for Truth.

The truth I live in is really the lies I’ve lived by.

And this girl is weary of the weight of it all. I want to shed this worn out skin that has never felt quite right and walk in the light.

Sometimes a girl just wants to run in the light. With a yellow dress and a loving Father.

 In the darkness of my self-lies I will fight for light. Because really I don’t fight alone. I fight with a Savior that died for Truth to set me free. I will stand exposed. Before God. Before her. Before you. Vulnerable and with need.

 I put a stake in the ground.

 The blood stained one.

 I’m headed somewhere. The ebbs and flows of progress have me headed somewhere. And the waters of True life will flow.

They will flow with Trust. Acceptance. Identity. Truth. Faith. Grace.

The roots of my soul are going deep. These roots will be overwhelmed by Truth. Bringing bright, new, clean water. And my True self will stand in the light. The self He always intended for me. This hydrated soul will recall how He delicately crafted me.

Me in His image.

Perfectly orchestrated, perfectly designed. And I will be enough because He is enough. My scars and insecurities fade away in the bright light.

The self-lies no longer cast shadows looking to swallow me whole. Hidden before my Maker.

I stand before Him now.



Truly breathing in eternal life.

 And I will be” clothed with strength and dignity and laugh without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

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