winding road

winding road

This winding road that seems to lead to nowhere. This place of darkness, of thick veil over my eyes. This place of silence it seems. Manna for today. Just for today. Nothing more. Nothing less. This clinging to something substantial in thin air. Only to have it disappear once again. This place of wandering. Wandering. Wandering. Questions unanswered. So many unanswered.

This place where I’m losing hope. Losing sight. Losing the point of it all. This place I might crumble any day now. This place of loosing myself. This place of looking in the mirror without masks. This place of a million pieces floating in the sky not looking  to fit, to reconcile.

This place where self-discovery becomes endless. This place where pain and freedom become one. This place where hope isn’t rising but faith is re-defined. This place where past Story is embraced. Where His story is embraced.

This place of seeing Jesus. Really seeing Jesus. Where I embrace my broken humanity and find a Savior.

This place is a desert where a generation is dying off. So much needs dying off. This place of dying. And dying. And dying. This place where He resurrects . Again. and again. and again. This generation is me. And I am waiting. Waiting. Still. waiting. And he is transforming. Transforming. Transforming.


photo by:Jeremie Egry

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